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Pen #22


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June 2004 - The wood for this pen was purchased on the internet. This is the Khaya species sold as African mahogany. It is part of the mahogany family, but is separate from the species of the Americas. The Khaya species tend to be lighter in color, generally more of a salmon/pink in tint, that the other species, as the color and density are affected by the specific conditions in the area of growth, so there are no absolutes. The species is reported to be found in all the timber producing areas of West Africa, from Ivory Coast to Gabon and Cabinda, and is primarily found in the Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Nigeria. Unlike other Khaya species which do not require much rainfall, it is reported to grow in the rain forest in low-lying areas within its range. African mahogany is reported to be frequently used to replace American mahogany because it is cheaper and more abundant, and can also be used for the same applications.