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Pen #16


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February 2004 - I bought this wood on the internet.  Some think there are 3 versions of Limba but it is mainly the rare heartwood which has varying degrees of irregular black streaking, and THAT is what is meant by "black limba". So in terms of TREES, there is no such thing as white or black limba. This is a fairly weak, light wood not used where strength is required .
This wood is prized for guitars (the "black" limba particularly), it is also used for boat building, boxes and crates, cabinetmaking, chairs, coffins, decorative veneer, doors, flooring, fuelwood, furniture, handles, heavy construction, interior construction, interior joinery, matches, millwork, moldings, office furniture, paneling, particleboard, plywood, posts, pulp/paper products, shingles, sporting goods, tables, turnery, vats, vehicle parts, and decorative veneer.